Pentelei Offers New Wedding Dresses Collections

Pentelei Offers New Wedding Dresses Collections

Published on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:56

Wedding dresses from Pentelei are not simple wedding clothes. They are clothes which causes a real delight.

We create very beautiful and smart wedding goods and we are ready to show two the newest collections of wedding dresses now. Our designers are surprising all brides with new and fresh ideas, which were realized with using of high-quality fabrics. Our collections called "Love Is .." и "2016 NEW" are made in unique style of "Pentelei".

We produce wedding dresses, which are desired by many women who fell themselves like queens too. All our new models were designed with a purpose of making luxurious queen style. A beauty mustn’t be rude, but it has to be  tender and deep. We used these characteristics in the process of new collection creating and made it very special. 

"2016 NEW" has many tender elements that will help to emphasize a tenderness of bride’s beauty. We have opened slim shoulders of a bride and covered them with thin and beautiful textile net, which decorated with different adornments. We made light accent with using of lace, which will make every bride fascinating. Our team didn’t make long trains, because short ones make bridal style majestic and noble. Many of wedding dresses were decorated by lace, but many of them were designed with using of simple style without many additional details. 

"Love Is…" is a rich collection with a big variety of fabrics and different wedding accessories. Every bride has a good opportunity to rate a beauty and style of this new collection, because we have already created a video about it. Lacy decorations, smart elements and a fantasy with a good fashionable taste will kindly surprise everyone. A corset with open back has become a real hit of the current collection. However, we have created for you not only outspoken dresses. We used different thin fabrics, which help us to hide some beautiful parts of bride’s body. So, with these fabrics we made some models enigmatic. We didn’t use snowy white flowers only. Our designers have used different fabrics with various colors like peachy and light pink.

You will find different especial wedding dresses with various shapes in our new collections. For example there are many wedding dresses which look like ocean waves or wedding clothes for eccentric ladies. All news ones we made with a real chick and limits of a good fashionable taste. Tender patterns and unforgettable perfection will suit for demanding brides. Our designers are inspired with a romance of wedding celebration. Therefore, they created really beautiful and unforgettable images. They used very different cuts of wedding dresses. There are many of them made of fluffy traditional cuts and many others with skinny modern styles. Because of that, many brides will spend much time for choosing the ideal one for them. Please, choose an exclusive wedding dress from “Pentelei” to have an unique style on your wedding celebration.