Wedding dress with embroidery: tenderness and luxury

Wedding dress with embroidery: tenderness and luxury

Published on Wednesday, 29 June 2016 18:49


The main decoration of a bride at the wedding is her wedding dress. However, what about the decoration of the dress?

Sometimes it seems that slim corset and fluffy air skirt will be enough, but in order to create a full image, you need to add originality. The wedding dresses with embroidery, which look just adorable, gain more and more popularity. This outfit will emphasize a tenderness and fragility of the young girls, and a wealth and luxury of the women. Long ago, only the noble ladies could afford embroidered outfits, because it was expensive and complex. Previously, this process took years, and now every bride can surprise her guests with the unusual patterns on the dress. The main thing for the girls is to be in the spotlight, so the original embroidery will help accomplish this.

The types of embroidery on a wedding dress:

  • Lace embroidered appliqués

  • Voluminous embroidered appliqués

  • A machine embroidery

  • A hand-made embroidery

  • An embroidery with beads and sequins

The use of an embroidery to create the image

As any other jewellery, the embroidery haven’t to be in large quantities. Usually, a corset or a skirt is decorated, but not all at once. If you want to leave the image light and airy, you can add quite a bit of the embroidery on the shoulders, the bodice and the bottom of the skirt. The embroidery availability can even compensate for the lack of accessories, so do not overload the image with the massive decorations. Now the multi-coloгred embroidery is trendy, which can satisfy the most bold and original girls. If the use of bright filaments to decorate the dress does not appeal to you, then choose pastel shades or coloгrs to match the dress, which will add the image of sophistication. The dress embroidered with gold or silver threads will look delightfully, but you should pick up the suitable decorations. Beads and sequins are also often used for the decoration, but a large number of them can spoil everything. The embroidery can also decorate a veil, handbag, gloves and merge the image. There are many variants of the embroidery using, so think of your ideal image, or buy a ready-made embroidered dress from the best designers.