Empire style wedding dresses

Empire style of wedding dresses

Each schoolchild studies at school history of ancient Greece. All children know how did look brave warriors and charming women on those times. All this information we can get from manuals of History.

Greek goddesses and simple women worn typical beautiful dresses in that period. There were short dresses, which were tied round themselves under breast. They fell down beautifully on woman’s figure. Empire style was created from strong inspiration of women from ancient Greece. They worn peplos (a cape without sleeves, which put on tunic) and chiton (clothes similar to shirt without sleeves). 

Empire style, which is well known now, became fashionable in the start of XIX century. A main popularizer of this style became Napoleon’s wife, Josephine de Beauharnais. She strongly supported a French tailor Leroy, who made clothes for all Paris bourgeoisie. French revolution gave an opportunity for Josephine to take away from French fashion hard corsets, fluffy skirts and bulky wigs. Many women received a chance to take a breath with relief. After that, all Frenchwomen started to wear semi-transparent dresses, which Napoleon did not like. 

General differences of Empire style:

  • A deep cut of bodice.
  • Thin and semi-transparent fabrics.
  • A little drapery under breast with small folds.
  • A long lap with folds.
  • Puffed sleeves.

Empire style dresses made with light colors will be the best. Therefore, they are so popular for brides. Due to the fact that, dress cut is quiet simple, your expenses for materials will be smaller than for a dress with fluffy skirt. 

Everyone should know that a dress of Empire style would be suitable for each type of figure, instead of women with a big breast. The second advantage of this type of woman dress is attention of all men. Everyone will pay his attention to beauty of woman’s breast, but not to the big hips. This dress can hide your undefined line of waist too. Those women, who have strong and male figure can receive a beautiful feminine view from Empire styled dress.

A wedding dress of Empire style can make from each bride a real goddess. This dress will be the most actual in summer and hot period, because it is usually made from light and semi-transparent fabrics. Because of big number of different cuts of dress tops, each bride will be able to choose for herself the best variant, which will emphasize her advantages. A wedding dress with Empire style will give to each bride a real freedom of movements, which will be very important on the long wedding ceremony.