Wedding children's dresses wholesale 2017

Children dresses 2017

Exciting children’s dresses of 2017

Each celebration for every small girl has a real great sense in their life. The most favorite period of each small girl is preparation process, when adults are trying to do a beautiful haircut for their daughters, to buy shoes of princess and to choose a beautiful and he most suitable festive dress. Nowadays, there are no any problems occur in a process of charming child’s dress choosing, because of many interesting offers. Every day designers of Pentelei Company work to offer to salons’ owners a great assortment of child’s clothes goods. After that, each salon will be able to offer to clients different models of child’s wedding dresses, which will satisfy them. 

Attractive offers from Pentelei Company designers

There will be no any problems in process of child’s wedding dresses choosing for any client. Look to catalogue of Pentelei e-shop, where you will find a big number of child’s wedding dresses. It will give an opportunity to each client to make wholesale order of our goods as well. Make sure, that we offer the widest collection of child’s wedding dresses and look regularly to our official catalogue, where you will be able to see the following items of festive child’s dresses:

  • Luxurious and charming dresses with fluffy “Ball” style. It is a perfect variant for New Year school party and for school graduation party too. Majority of these dresses consist of skinny top part and beautiful fluffy multilayer skirt. Some models have lacy mittens of different length, which will look very attractive together with a dress. Décor of fluffy child’s dresses is really interesting. Designers have used tender lace, decorative flowers and different kind of pearls;
  • Short child’s dresses of “A-line” style for active girls. This kind of child’s dresses is a little bit more comfortable type then fluffy ones. These dresses are beautiful as other ones. A style of these child’s dresses is emphasized with relief seams, which start from shoulders line to the knees.

A great variety of colors gives a good opportunity of the most attractive dresses choosing for each client. It will be suitable in the best way to your charming girl. However, mind that child’s dress has to be pleased by your child. This is the most important thing for each small girl.

All our designers work with natural fabrics only. We know well that child’s skin is very sensitive and synthetic materials can cause different allergic reactions on it. Decorations and furniture sewed in reliable way to child’s dresses. Therefore mothers can be not worried that some decorative flowery element or button can come off in the most unexpected moment of celebration.


Child’s wedding dresses of 2017 collection, which can be ordered in bulk, are a real spectacular sight of luxury idea and colors. Each girl will not be indifferent to these beautiful dresses in your salon and their mothers will be completely satisfied of high-quality fabrics, which were used. You will be satisfied with high-quality of sewing of each child’s dress too.