The children's dresses in Chernivtsi

The children's dresses 2012 in Chernivtsi (Archive)

The collection, which will cause the children look better than their mothers

Sometimes it is difficult to pick the outfit for a girl. Even worse, if it is a lack of time the choice turns into a real problem. Let’s complicate the task a little.

What if a holiday is near and your child does not have the attire yet? This could turn into a catastrophe at all! When this situation occurs, then the children dress in Chernivtsi from the 2012 collection by «Pentelei» fit just right.

If you look at the dresses once, it will be impossible to forget! Especially the little girls who want to look as good so their mom's will be satisfied.

In this collection, the range of dresses is presented, which can turn the small child into a star of every holiday.

The success of the models is that they are as close to the style of dress for the older girls. The evening classic, wedding luxury or just knit charm are all present in the collection.

Despite the fact that the model expresses the models for older girls, the team of fashion designers made sure that the child was the most comfortable for a long time are in the outfit. Of course, our specialists know what nimble children can be, especially in school and preschool age. You can be sure that even the most sophisticated children's dresses in Chernivtsi do not prevent the most active child’s pranks.

Regarding to textiles, they pass the air. That is, these fibres breathe with your child. Being a long time in the hot premises, the children will feel themselves normal.

Due to a special technology, which is used in the fabric manufacture, they are not only natural, but also full of the Nano pore structure (very small artificial pores), which allows breathing.

Just look at the catalogue and choose the dress that will suit the holiday, matinee, or just visit of guests.

Your child will be exactly the best with the dress by the «Pentelei» Chernovtsy Company!