The children's dresses wholesale from the manufacturer in 2015

The children's dresses wholesale from the manufacturer in 2015

The new unique collection of children's dresses is what every girl dreams about

The manufacturer of children's holiday dresses «Pentelei» presents a new collection of children's dresses of the season 2015-2016. The diversity of the new line is simply amazing. The choice is so great that their parents can find outfits for their children for all occasions.

Do you need a dress for the birthday? You are welcome! The line of princess dresses for fancy girls are presented in the catalogue.

Do you need a dress for the school or kindergarten? We can offer something. The charming cocktail or knitted dresses enchant any teacher or boy who will sit at a nearby desk. At the same time, the set of coloгrs is very big from light and delicate to the monolithic and strict shades. It will help to emphasize the individuality of each child.

The parents no longer have to worry about size - all children's dresses from the manufacturer have a complete set of dimensional line. Every girl will find the perfect dress size.

If the parents are thinking about the origin of the used fabrics, it is possible to choose the model of dresses made with the natural cotton, silk, wool, thus, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your princesses. We guarantee that all of the dresses from this collection are made with high-quality natural fabrics, which are very well worn and amenable to washing.

We offer you the most beautiful girl’s ballroom, Greek, cocktail and even little retro tight dresses.

You can choose the dress with bows, polka dots, charming collars, and even a diadem in the kit. With this accessory, girls feel themselves like princesses!

All children's dresses by the «Pentelei» can be viewed in a special catalogue, which has been prepared in order to the easy dress selection and buying.

In addition, you should pay attention to promotions and discounts. Buying several dresses, you can get a one-time discount on the next purchase or a special discount card.

The new dress collection is just a fairy tale, and this fairy tale you can present to your children!