The wedding dresses 2014 by the «Pentelei» company

The collection of wedding dresses 2014 by the «Pentelei» company

We offer you the collection of wedding dresses 2014 by the «Pentelei» company. Look and enjoy, but remember that the dress is not the main thing. Do not forget about your personality, aura, vitality, face, hair ... In short, there is work to do.

What offers this collection?

The A-Line silhouette

As the name implies, these dresses are shaped like the letter A, with vertical seams running from the shoulders to the waist or bottom of the skirt. The degree of skirt splendour can vary from mild to very voluminous, and a corset is often sewn. This style suit to the majority of women and is the most popular choice among wedding dresses in 2014.

The Column / straight dress

It is a model for fancy brides who want to make their wedding focused not on the dress, and on the set of attractive items. Typical for straight dresses is a certain modesty and natural beauty.

The Mermaid silhouette

A very popular model of wedding dress in 2014. Very close-fitting dress with a dramatic expansion of the bottom. Sometimes the expansion slightly open legs of the bride.

The Fishtail silhouette

This style looks like the column or mermaid silhouette, but the fishtail silhouette has an extra insert of the fabric sewn into the back of the skirt. This form of dress suit to the same body type as the mermaid silhouette.

The ball gown / big skirt

This style of skirt is often combined with a corset sewn with a low waist, which suits for many types of figures. These dresses are usually worn with underskirt rings that give the skirt a lush shape and splendour. It can be purchased separately from the dress. This style suits for the majority of women, but the low-growth brides look even lower because of the skirt width.

The Empire style

The Empire Style is designed for brides, who do not want to have the fitting dress. The skirt begins just below the bust and is not lush, as in a ball gown, or it may be quite straight. This style suits for the women with small breasts, slim and plump, and can be a good choice for pregnant brides. These wedding dresses are good, because their sloping skirt hides many figure flaws in the waist and hips. The busty bride can also choose this style, if she has the opportunity to properly emphasize the chest.