The designer wedding dresses wholesale

The designer wedding dresses wholesale 2017

A new collection of designer wedding dresses "Love Is ..." by the "Pentelei" company is available on our website

The "Pentelei" company is ready to present its customers the new collection of designer wedding dresses "Love Is ...", which is available now in our online store. During the first days of sales, this new line of wedding dresses gained a large amount of sympathy, not only in Ukraine but all over the world including wholesale buyers and ordinary girls. It is not surprising, because at this time, our team has presented the high-class designer wedding dresses, which have been developed by our designers.

What do we mean by the phrase "designer wedding dresses?"

The answer to this question is very simple. We have poured in every wedding dress something unusual, which allocates each dress among others, which are offered by other companies on the market. First, it's a bright style, pattern and high-quality design that fully meets the current wedding fashion trends. The name "Love Is ..." speaks that our team has put in each dress the emotions, romance and love charm to increase the beauty of the image of each bride. All designer wedding dresses from this collection are made with the best wedding fabrics, which only confirm their high status. We use the high-quality tulle, lace, jacquard, macramé, silk, satin and other fabrics to create quality and beautiful clothes. Besides, we have purchased the high-quality German wedding accessories and jewellery that perfectly fit to the unique style of each wedding dress.

Almost the entire collection is made in a gentle and romantic "vintage" style, which is at the peak of popularity among brides from Europe and around the world now. The beautiful patterns, prints, delicate fabrics, long veils and trains that emphasize the femininity are bright elements of this wedding style, which we stuck in this collection.

Our latest collection consists of 93 different models of wedding dresses, that will suit not only to your wedding image, but also to a basic atmosphere and the style of the holiday. Notice the variety of styles that you can see in this collection. There are classic curvy models and tight wedding dresses that emphasize beautiful figure brides.

Right now, you have the opportunity to purchase the designer wedding dresses wholesale in our official website.

Have interested in our new bridal collection? Come to the «Pentelei» online store where now you can make a wholesale order. If you have some questions, please contact us. Our consultants can give you information about the order and delivery.

The wedding dresses by "Pentelei" are the best solution for your wedding style!