Family look - matching dresses for mother and daughter from the manufacturer Pentelei


Festive family look - matching dresses for mother and daughter by Pentelei

FMom and daughter family look

Matching family clothing became really popular. The theme of similar outfits for family appeared for the first time in America as a cult of family values. The trend, set by the celebrities was picked up by ordinary families and spread throughout the world.

First of all, the style imply the same dresses for mother and daughter. Today, the exclusive family look clothes cover the whole family and even pet clothing. Fashionable Ukrainian brand Pentelei specializes in festive clothing for women: wedding dresses and festive dresses for children. And now we are pleased to present you a new collection Lavanda for mothers and daughters.

Beautiful family looks”

A little bit about what a "family look" is. A stylish and beautiful family look is available in two variants: the clothes are completely identical and they have the same style, for example:

  • identical print and colour;
  • identical style or model;
  • matching colours;
  • similar combination of textures of materials;
  • common theme.

ШChic dresses for mother and daughter will create a festive atmosphere, attract attention and set the mood for the party or other event. The same dresses for mother and daughter are always in the spotlight. This is a good and creative solution when you arrange:

  • Family photoshoots;
  • Family celebration;
  • Just family vacation. Such clothes are create psychological harmony, the whole family feels a sense of unity and harmony.

              Праздничные платья мама и дочка      Нарядные платья мама дочка

Family look for a birthday party

The birthday of a little princess should be organized perfectly. Matching elegant dresses for mother and daughter will suit the best. Depending on age of your daughter, you can, for example, choose different styles of dresses in one color scheme. For example, a magnificent "little fairy" dress and a matching mother's dress in the same colors and textures. Dad's or mom's birthday party will also be a great reason to wear such dresses.

Family look for a wedding

Festive dresses for mother and daughter in the same style for a wedding celebration - this is original and stylish. In the role of a guest, you will attract attention and show the harmony of your family. If it is an anniversary outfit, this choice will perfectly emphasize the family unity. And, of course, in this image you will get chic photos.

Dresses mother daughter New Year's images

New Year's Eve is probably the most fabulous holiday ever. Usually, it is the New Year's Eve that children are looking forward to. And fancy children's dresses and matching evening dresses for mothers can create a mood and make it even more magical for a child and the whole family. Whether you celebrate New Year with your family or in a restaurant, your images will be beautiful, bright and memorable.

Fashion trends 2019-2020

In fact, family look is a fashionable trend in recent years. If we talk about dresses for mothers and daughters, we need to take into account the desire of little girls to imitate their mothers in clothing. The Lavanda collection is bright and delicate, there are original dresses in the same style for mother and daughter. Expensive beautiful fabrics, different models and styles for any type of figure and taste - dresses of this collection are ideal for special events and family photoshoots.

Our favourite models of dresses for mother and daughter:

  • lush dresses with a tulle or chiffon skirt;
  • flare dresses with an Empire waist;
  • always relevant asymmetric models.

Ukraine has modern production of elite clothing.

The manufacturer of festive clothes Pentelei creates collections of wedding and childrens dresses with a great success all over the world.

he collection mother and daughter in particular. The "family image" is not only a matching set, it is also a sign of unity and solidarity of family members.

Choose and order children's dresses wholesale, wedding dresses wholesale or your salon and new matching dresses for mother and daughter. On the site, you will find our size chart. You can buy in bulk from three dresses, but for regular customers there are always exceptions.