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The Collection 2016

The new collection by the «Pentelei» company is available to our customers on the official website!

The regular sale of wedding dresses by the «Pentelei» company continues, and we offer you to get acquainted with a new collection of festive dresses on our official website. This is one of the largest collections of our products. These are 226 completely different models of wedding dresses that perfectly suit the brides with different figures, growth, and desires. We offer to buy wholesale the wedding dress from this collection for wedding salons all over the world. It will satisfy every customer who is interested to find the perfect outfit for the wedding.

The online sale of wedding dresses wholesale from the unique new collection is available on the official website of the «Pentelei» company 

If you are interested in the high-quality wedding dresses wholesale, then we offer you to use our official website to make the order. Pay attention to the diversity of models, styles, colours, and designs of each of the 226 dresses that are presented in the new collection. In addition, you should pay attention to the excellent quality we offer our customers. We use the excellent European fabrics, furniture, and textile ornaments that come from Europe, without which it is impossible to create the beauty of each outfit. Often, to create our dresses, we use high-quality tulle, silk, jacquard, macramé, lace, satin and other fabrics. The accessories are chosen separately for each outfit from the collection of our Polish and German suppliers.

If you want to use the business wedding dresses selling on our website in large quantities, you can get additional discounts

The big sale of wedding dresses wholesale at our site is made with extra discounts, which can get every major wholesale buyer. The more products you order, the more discount is available for purchasing. Thus, our cooperation can be more profitable. If you want to learn detailed information about deals with the «Pentelei» company, please contact us online through the website or through contact numbers.

The «Pentelei» company works every day in order to present the best clothes for your wedding.