Handmade wedding dresses

Collection 2017 NEW

A wedding dress is always associated with a delicate white cloud of organza, tulle or silk in our imagination. For the significant event every girl tries to get the most beautiful dress can ever be imagined. And this is easy with handmade wedding dresses from Pentelei designers.

The collection of elite 2017 wedding dresses was created by a team of creative designers, professional tailors and talented adornment masters. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team of professionals, for whom the creation of wedding dresses is not just a job but a way of life, you can supplement the assortment of your boutiques with wedding dresses that:

  • are sewed from expensive quality fabrics;
  • have smooth edges and perfectly made seams, proving that the product was not sewn in a hurry;
  • in any of the dresses from this collection your customer will feel comfortable throughout the celebration;
  • all the dresses meet the latest trends of wedding fashion.

Since each modern bride has her own taste, type of figure, skin color type, we have created a collection of different wedding dresses so that you can satisfy the demands of absolutely all your customers.

What models of wedding dresses are handmade in the new collection? 

In the catalogue of our online store you can pick up classic puffy dresses. And moreover, the model is one, but each product looks different due to shade, decoration and other design tricks. Some outfits have a smooth puffy skirt and a luxuriously decorated bodice, while others have skirt decorated with embroidery or voluminous elements. Lace sleeves, false neck, naked back – all this makes each outfit unique and original. And your customers only have to choose the one that suits their appearance and style of the planned wedding.