The manufacturer of wedding dresses «Pentelei» present a new collection of wedding dresses 2015 "Dream"

The manufacturer of wedding dresses «Pentelei» present a new collection of wedding dresses 2015 "Dream"

The manufacturer of wedding dresses «Pentelei» brings to your attention a new collection of wedding dresses 2015, under the fabulous name "Dream". The name we have chosen for good reason, because this collection really is the epitome of the dream of all brides - a chic wedding dress, which beauty cannot be compared with any other.

In this collection, our designers have made a special emphasis on furniture and rich corsets decoration and wedding dress manufacturers turns this idea into life. This part of the dress emphasizes all the tenderness, smoothness and refinement of the light bride's silhouette.

We don’t stop at the corsets, because with each new collection we develop, grow and approach the world level in the wedding industry.

The other wonderful accents of the «Dream» collection are diverse belts, which visually separate the upper part of the dress from the bottom. In many models, the belts turn into a beautiful bows in the back, which gently and effectively falls on the elegant dress skirt.

All the proposed models can be purchased in white and cream colour. Some of them we offer in soft peach and pale pink shade.

As in our previous collections of wedding dresses, we don’t stay stuck in one silhouette and give our designers the freedom of choice.  We do everything to help everybody to pick up a perfect wedding dress from our collections.

If you want to choose a dress with A-line silhouette, we suggest you to pay attention to such models as: 955 - AN; 958 - AN; 969 - AN; 970 - MM; 971 - MM; 995 - AN; 998 - AN; 999 - AN; 1014 - AN.

The fish silhouette wedding dress -: 986 - AN; 1003 - MM; 1008 - AN; 1020 - AN.

The party dresses with a train: 961 - MM; 963 - MM; 964 - MM; 966 - MM; 969 - MM; 972 - MM; 974 - MM; 983 - MM; 984 - MM; 989 - MM; 990 - MM.

We recommend you turn a special attention to the model 965-AN. This is a dress-transformer. It looks really rich and elegant in all versions, both as a short dress, and as a full wedding dress with a long skirt.

The manufacturer of wedding dresses «Pentelei» hopes that you will like this collection and happily sets about the new collection creating!